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Tatiana Schneider's Great Bunco

During some months Public Prosecutor's Office of Dnipropetrovsk can not trace Sokol.

Sokol is not a call sign of the "planet delegate" Khabibullin. Mr. Sokol, Vladimir Grigorievich, is wanted by Public Prosecutor's Office. His mobile phone is disconnected, whereabouts of this person are unknown. Some hotheads, that were close to Mr. Sokol, even expressed to prosecutor's officials their assumption, that it may well be that he was rolled under asphalt by his former companions. Some more quiet heads say that someone saw Vladimir, while he was normally and freely moving through Dnipropetrovsk, however they don't specify, who exactly saw him and where exactly it happened.

There are not too many persons who desire to help Mr. Sokol to go to heaven. Especially from among his associates. He has had two business companions. One of them amicably stepped aside from the joint venture, but the other... To be more precise, the other companion was lady...

"So, She Was Called Tatiana!"

Her family name is Schneider. Her maiden name is Korolenko. And her name and patronymic are Tatiana Ivanovna.

She did not alter her name and patronymic. Or rather, she did not alter them so far.

Schneider, Tatiana Ivanovna, is the only person in this sublunary world, who may order Sokol, Vladimir Grigorievich, to be on the run. She desires passionately not to have this man in her environment, never again. Because the missing Vladimir Sokol is the main witness of her fraud of European scale.

While Sokol is out of hands of the prosecutor's officials, Tatiana defends herself against them through incorruptible Court of Appeal of Dnipropetrovsk Region. However if Mr. Sokol was detained safe and sound some day, even the President of the abovementioned incorruptible Court, Mr. Vikhrov, wouldn't be able to help her.

But let's put one after another.

Schneider, Tatiana Ivanovna, of middle stature, middle constitution, highly intelligent, used to work for a long time under the direction of one well-known Dnipropetrovsk businessman. This merchant became famous for brewing and implementation of various money laundering schemes.

Tatiana followed this respectable man around, gaining experience. But apparently she was not very gifted apprentice, and that's why this merchant paid her less by far than she pretended to be paid. And this situation was especially annoying for Ms. Schneider. Besides, she was raising her daughter along, and it is known, that it needs extra expenses.

Nevertheless Tatiana Schneider was learning patiently and diligently, and she waited not only for exceeding of her income over her expenditures, but also for a prince to appear in her life. Even if the prince was not riding the white horse!

And soon her expectations turned to be reality. The prince came indeed. And really, he was not riding a white horse, but a foreign car, with personal driver.

Prince's name was Duben, Andrey Vladimirovich. The prince's personal driver was Sokol, Vladimir Grigorievich, thenadays prosper, and now missed and passively searched by the law machinery.

Andrey had a wife and two children. Nevertheless, close relationship started between him and Tatiana. Ms. Schneider, as it was already mentioned, needed financial injections, and Mr. Duben was quick to get the message. So, to inspire his loved one with his serious intentions about her, the prince bought for Tatiana an enterprise, Intercom LLC. However he didn't forget to place himself among the founders of the company, and his loved one was appointed director. On the off-chance.

He has bought this enterprise in order to improve wellbeing of Tatiana. Andrey performed this improvement promptly: he included Intercom LLC into the scheme for cashing of money, that existed in the meanwhile, and Ms. Schneider's income grew immediately by about $ 3,000 per month.

Tatiana appreciated the fine gesture of her loved one. But shortly after the enterprise got into the sight of Dniprodzerzhinsk Tax Militia. The Tax Militia has caught in the act one conversion centre, into which sixteen companies poured vast sums of money. Intercom LLC was among these companies. According to Andrey Duben, tax militia officer came to the enterprise office with a check:

-    Why, is it you whom I see? - officer seemed to be surprised, while seeing Duben.
-    Why, is it you whom I see? - Andrey seemed to be glad to see him.

If Duben is to be trusted, Sasha (tax militia officer) was an old acquaintance of his, and this circumstance has saved Tatiana from imprisonment.

Sasha (tax militia officer) withdrew materials of the criminal case. Till now they collect dust in his garage. In answer to the request to show these materials, that belong now to his the personal archives, Sasha responded favorable at first, but later on he turned down this request. According to him, not only Intercom, but other 15 companies as well recompensed him for his service, when the books on the criminal case were closed, and it would not be moral to rake up the past.

Well, the officer of militia Sasha is in fact a very moral man!

While having seen in reality, how easily her loved one found a way out, Tatiana believed in his power. She has got her hour of triumph at last. For years she accumulated store of knowledge, and it was just about to materialize. To realize the contemplated affair, Tatiana needed to take one small step. And she took it!

Staunch allies were by her side: Andrey Duben and Vladimir Sokol. The three together were mighty power. They sealed joint adherence to the prospects with foundation of several companies,- so as to be sure that they would not betray one another. In addition to the existing Intercom, private enterprise BelInvest, represented by its director V.G.Sokol, and Belaz-Ukraine LLC, founded by the united trio, with Andrey Duben and Tatiana Schneider as director and director for finances respectively, should participate in the scheme, invented by the associates. Vladimir Sokol was entrusted the honor commitment to tread in spare parts for machinery, that work in various open pits. Sokol should sell for cash, because he should support not only himself, but also his associates.

Small Glasswork

Andrey Duben, as a true patriot (up to the present he is the citizen of Belarus), tries to give prefix "Bel", that means "Belarus", to all new companies, founded by him. (By the way, he is a founder of one more company in the territory of Ukraine - Belkomplekt firm). Patriotism of Duben would be the envy of everybody, while at the age of 25 he was forced to run away from his native country.

Andrey ran away not because of political persecution. Dental technician by profession, he promptly became businessman. And he was so successful, that practically all his Byelorussian partners were imprisoned for long terms for economic frauds. But Duben, so young in years, considered danger beforehand, and his self-preservative instinct suggested him reliable paths of retreat.

So, at the age of 25, Andrey Duben was forced to emigrate to Transdniestria. Later on, he covers his tracks and hides in Kyiv.

Law machinery is in search of him, but not very reluctantly indeed. On the other hand, the criminals are active: they find Andrey in the capital of Ukraine and submit to him huge amounts on account of recovery of a certain debt. Serious underworld leaders come for so called date to decide destiny of Duben.

Joint communiqué appeared as a result of the date at the highest underworld level, in compliance with it, Andrey was obliged to repay the debt. And in order that Duben not tries to get away with excuses, he was commissioned to be in charge of delivery of alcohol to Ukrainian distilleries. These deliveries were under control of the criminal world.

Andrey showed enthusiasm in the job. For months he shuttlecocked between producers of alcohol and producers of vodka. As a result, he not only worked off the debt and interest, but managed to bunko the underworld leaders-benefactors: the "king" of alcohol Duben provided himself with an apartment in downtown of Kyiv, bought a Mercedes deluxe...

Andrey lived beyond his means, and it was noticed by watchful curators of alcohol business. They were exasperated with barefaced impudence of Duben. And one day the group of underworld fellows of high standing visited his apartment.

The talk was businesslike and short. As a result of it Duben re-registered his apartment and his car to the name of his former benefactors. The latter, for reasons of humanity only, gave Andrey 5,000 US dollars for the road and advised him to get away from Kyiv within twenty-four hours. "Lucky me to get off cheaply from the bunko against the underworld leaders " - Duben rejoiced.

Thus he went in exile. To Dnipropetrovsk region.

Thus he turned into prince. For Schneider, Tatiana Ivanovna.

Thus he turned into boss. For Sokol, Vladimir Grigorievich.

Thus the idea to establish a small glasswork appeared.

The Associates and TAS-Kommerzbank

Idea to establish a small glasswork, or rather a glass tempering line, was not mulled over for a long time in Intercom office. "Where did in come from? One of the visitors brought it" - Duben affirmed afterwards.

However the idea itself was attractive as a very promising one. In the first place, it was true, though small plant. In the second place, building boom in the country promised great profit.

There was just to find capital necessary to launch the plant into operation. And it was a considerable amount of money.

Andrey Duben's finest hour was near.

To begin with, he gives full turn to Belaz-Ukraine LLC. "I'm able to persuade and work everyone for money" - he confessed to his friends one day. And to prove it, he goes to tear TAS-Kommerzbank limb from limb.

Just thanks to Duben's ability to trick, he signs with the bank a contract, according to which this financial institutions lend out three tranches to the company Belaz-Ukraine. Amounts of the tranches are: UAH 1 million, UAH 3 million 200 thousand and UAH 3 million 770 thousand.

Guarantors for return to the bank of UAH 1 million are natural persons: Andrey Duben, Tatiana Schneider and Vladimir Sokol, and legal person: Belaz-Ukraine LLC. It is so called joint responsibility of all the partners towards the bank.

An ordinary citizen, one of those, who tried to obtain a credit in this country, certainly was faced with lots and lots of problems, starting from furnishing documentation required and finishing with security. But Andrey is not one of them! He manages to forge the documents required to obtain a credit so, that neither financiers, nor security service of the bank have a minimal doubt about their authenticity. But it is only, so to say, record evidence. As a matter of fact, according to Duben, the bankers credited him for almost UAH 8 million against... non-existent Belaz trucks and spare parts of Vladimir Sokol's company. "I told them that the trucks are at the parking, and the spare parts are at the warehouse" - Duben commented calmly.

And they trusted him, even without any check!

Upon receiving the first two tranches from the bank, not fully believing in his good luck, Duben decides to tie his loved one with liability too. Just then the possibility to obtain the third tranche emerged.

Andrey solemnly convokes meeting of the founders, and pushes through resolution, that Tatiana Schneider, director for finances of Belaz-Ukraine LLC, should obtain the third tranche from the bank. It was written down in the minutes of the meeting, that in connection with business trip of director, Mr. Duben, all necessary documents should be prepared by Tatiana Schneider.

Tatiana did the errand, laughing up her sleeve on the clumsy attempt of the prince to bound her with joint responsibility. She signed the documents in the bank with a light heart: "you entrusted me, and I did it", like saying: "as for me, I would never do a forgery!"

This money, about 1.5 million US dollars, quickly flew away to different accounts, including accounts of conversion centers.

The Associates and OTP-Bank

In parallel with Belaz-Ukraine LLC, Intercom LLC also gets involved in the affair. Premises are needed to install glass tempering plant. Such premises were found for some reason in Cherkassy, and not in Dnipropetrovsk, the seat of the enterprise. But there is no money to buy the premises. Nevertheless, Intercom soon becomes proprietor of the building of the former sugar-mill.

According to Andrey Duben, this building costed the associates 600,000 US dollars. But they purchased it at the expense of others again. "We sold somebody else's Belaz trucks, for this money we bought the premises. Later on we mortgaged the premises in the bank, and paid for the trucks" - recalls Andrey.

So, Intercom LLC, represented now by its director, Schneider, Tatiana Ivanovna, mortgages in OTP-Bank for USD 788,116.40 the building, that was bought for USD 600,000.00. At the same time Tatiana borrows money in this bank for purchase of a car and obtains line of credit in amount of UAH 100,000 without security, against turnover of the enterprise.

Even nonexperts would become alerted in this deal by incompatibility of security to the amount of the credit. But personnel of the bank, namely A.I.Skoromna and O.A.Yemelyanova, adhered to the opposite opinion.

Having bought the premises and mortgaged it at once, the associates began to install a small glasswork in it. While professionals were putting the building in order, Andrey and Tatiana carried on negotiations for purchase of equipment.

They selected Finnish glass tempering oven. According to price-list of Tamglass Engineering company, their new oven, on which the associates have had an eye, costs EUR 950,000. But the associates were short of money.

Yoni Suomalaynen, Tamglass representative in Moscow, Russified Finn, understands conditions of the game in the post-Soviet territory. He readily agrees to carry on negotiations on sale of the oven and reluctantly admits considerable discount.

Andrey brings to Moscow EUR 55,000 in cash for the representative, and price of the oven for Intercom reduces to EUR 800,000.

Even these amount is unavailable for the associates. Then Yoni works off praiseworthy remuneration, obtained from Duben. He signs the contract between Tamglass and Intercom, in accordance to which Intercom shall pay the Finns initial installment in amount of EUR 242,000, and the remaining sum should be paid within 36 months by even installments, EUR 16,500 monthly.

But the associates haven't got even such amount. As a token of goodwill, Duben, according to him, sells his office premises in Dnipropetrovsk and gives EUR 242,000 to Tatiana.

However in compliance with Ukrainian legislation, it is not allowed for Tatiana to pay money to the Finns in cash. The associates find some intermediaries, that for certain interest pay abroad EUR 242,000 to the Finns, and the new glasswork businessmen repay them in Ukraine with cash in hand.

At the same time, before signing the contract, the Finns insure themselves. According to the known scheme, tried with TAS-Kommerzbank, Schneider, Tatiana Ivanovna,  Duben, Andrey Vladimirovich, private enterprise BelInvest, represented by its director Sokol, Vladimir Grigorievich, Belaz-Ukraine LLC, represented by its director, Oleynik, Vasiliy, and Triumphal Arch - Ukraine LLC, represented by its director Filippov, Andrey, undertake to guarantee, that the equipment should not disappear until final settlement with the Finnish company. The same joint responsibility of them all, and nobody! (It should be noted, by the way, that Triumphal Arch - Ukraine LLC is a subsidiary of Byelorussian Triumphal Arch).

Moreover, the cautious Finns proposed to insure their oven with Austrian insurance company Garant, and the associates accepted this proposal gladly. Upon conclusion of insurance and guarantee procedures, Intercom LLC obtained new oven worth EUR 800,000, only for EUR 242,000.

But the oven itself was not enough to complete the production cycle. The associates arrange purchase of additional equipment from Italian company Bavelloni. The scheme of this purchase is painfully familiar: the same guarantors, the same insurance company... the deal differs only by its amount. Bavelloni and Intercom conclude the contract, in which it is stated that all the equipment costs EUR 424,228.52. Intercom LLC pays initial installment in amount of EUR 127,228.52. The remaining sum should be paid to Bavelloni within 36 months, by even installments, EUR 8,250 monthly.

Tatiana Schneider arranges initial installment for the Italians according to the scheme of initial installment for Tamglass.

So, both the Finns and Italians, upon receipt of prepayment and insurance policies, fearlessly dispatch their equipment to the consignee - Intercom LLC.

The First Million of Sokol

However the associates still have no money to pay customs duties and excise. The glasswork businessmen seek way out of the situation, and they find it immediately.

Firstly, they find two companies from Novomoskovsk, private enterprises Dafin and Novicom. According to Andrey, front for these private enterprises was a certain deputy of the Supreme Soviet of Ukraine, and the enterprises gain money through refund of VAT.

Tatiana Schneider concludes at once two agreements with Dafin and Novicom, it is arranged that Intercom LLC, for consideration (for each agreement!) of UAH 10,000 buys from Tamglass and Bavelloni an oven and additional equipment intended for these private enterprises. Tough neither the Finnes nor Italians know about it whatsoever! But the new agreements suit the both parties: Intercom needs not to pay EUR 155,000 to the customs; instead Andey Duben brought EUR 95,000 to the owner of these private enterprises, and so Andrey spared EUR 60,000!

Besides Tatiana Schneider orders her employee Aleksandr Mayn to produce forged contracts between Intercom and Tamglass and Bavelloni, that should be shown in the customs.

In compliance with the order, Aleksandr fabricates new contracts, without any mention of prepayment, and accurately, with the help of computer, transfers to the new contract seals and signatures of the Finn and the Italian. The papers are made so skillfully, that experienced customs officers don't notice forgeries.

On receipt of EUR 95,000, the real owner of private enterprises Dafin, Novicom and Cominvest transfers the equipment to the private enterprise BelInvest. The transfer is on paper only, because the equipment is are already mounted in Cherkasy, in the premises, that were mortgaged by Intercom to OTP-Bank! The transfer was done upon alleged payment by Sokol of EUR 800,000 for the oven and somehow EUR 546,260.31 for additional equipment!

It's nobody's business, where the private undertaker has such money (1,346,260.31 EUR) from: the deal was on paper only.

So, one nice morning Vladimir Sokol woke up being a true millionaire! Just think: his private enterprise (registered in the name of his wife!) became owner of new equipment for fabulous amount. Still this operation for enrichment was only one link in the chain of great bunko, invented by Tatiana, Andrey and Vladimir.

The Associates and Leasing Companies

It will be recalled, that Intercom actually paid for the oven EUR 242,000. And it paid EUR 127,228.52 for additional equipment.

It will be recalled, that according to the contracts, both the oven and the additional equipment remained property of Finnish company Tamglass and Italian company Bavelloni.

It will be recalled, that both the oven and the additional equipment were insured with Austrian insurance company "Garant", and that the associates themselves, as well as their companies, were guarantors of straight dealing.

But the associates were not confused about these circumstances. And they sale somebody else's equipment!

First Western-Ukrainian Leasing Company purchased from the private company BelInvest the oven worth EUR 800,000, for USD 1,600,000.

Even in the worst times for US dollar, dollar-to-euro rate in Ukraine was not 2:1. Did the officials, management and security service of the leasing company care? Nevertheless conditions of the contract suited not only our associates, but the buyers too.

Additional equipment worth a total of EUR 424,228.52, was bought from the same private enterprise BelInvest by leasing company AMO LLC for EUR 560,950. Employees of this leasing company were in a fog too.

So, one even better morning Sokol, Vladimir Grigorievich, woke up being even more true millionaire! But it was not long, that he enjoyed himself with the new status. The associates decided to withdraw this capital from account of the private enterprise BelInvest, and Sokol quickly sent them to the specified addresses!

Finally the transaction, for which the whole chain of operations was intended, was over! The associates, who gained USD 1,600,000 and about EUR 561,000 from the equipment only, may relax.

And they really relaxed! Intercom at short notice took in lease from the abovementioned companies the equipment, that was installed long ago in Cherkasy and worked at full capacity for the benefit of the associates. From now on Tatiana, Andrey and Vladimir were not interested in further destiny of the equipment, oven or premises. They earned incredible profit from TAS-Kommerzbank, OTP-Bank and the leasing companies, you know.

The truthfulness of it is obvious from the correspondence between Andrey Zaytsev from Busel LLC (company, that represents interests of Tamglass in Ukraine) and Andrey Duben. Here are some quotations with commentaries.

"To attention of Tatiana Ivanovna and Andrey Vladimirovich.

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

1)    From your payment of EUR 16,500 dt. 05.02.2008, Bavelloni received EUR 15,500. I asked them to investigate it additionally from their end, but nevertheless I ask you also to check with your bank possible cause of it.
2)    You failed to pay on time the installment in amount of EUR 8,250, due on 08.02.2008. Please, settle the debt.
Sincerely yours, Andrey Zaytsev."

According to Andrey Duben, at that time the associates had available for the installment the sum of EUR 15,500. They decided to pay this sum, and informed the Italians, that there were some tricks of the bank, and maybe, it took interest for money transfer. But the Italians appeared to be insistent:

"In relation to your payment dated 05.02.2008, the Italians notified us additionally, that they have already investigated it and sent to their bank a copy of your swift-ticket, but their bank confirmed that it received the amount of EUR 15,500 (instead of EUR 16,500), and that from the point of view of their bank, exactly the same amount was sent. Possibility of withholding interest of such rate by the foreign bank seemed to them equal to zero. We ask you once more to clarify it with your bank, that arranged for this payment".

"To attention of: Schneider, Tatiana Ivanovna, Duben, Andrey Vladimirovich. You failed to pay on time to Glaston Italy (Bavelloni) installments due on 08.02.08, 08.03.08, 08.04.08, sum total EUR 24,750."

At times the associates simply jeer at the defrauded owners of the equipment. Here is an example, letter, written by Andrey Duben to Andrey Zaytsev:

"Hello, Andrey! We shall make payment to Bavelloni not later than March 23. Andrey Duben."

Zaytsev answers:

"Dear Andrey Vladimirovich, obviously, you won't do it till March 23. Do you mean April 23 or May 23?"

And once again:

"Dear Andrey Vladimirovich! Tamglass reminds you, that you failed to pay installments for the oven due in March, April and May. Sum total of the debt makes up EUR 46,500 ",

One more evidence of finalization of "Great Bunko" operation was unexpected withdrawal of Andrey Duben from the founders of Intercom. Though, he refers his actions, as well as rupture of intimate relationship with Tatiana, to his masculine behaviour.

Enormous sums of money, gained as a result of sale of someone else's property, vanished. Duben is of opinion, that Schneider got round him. It is rumoured, that Tatiana has bought an apartment in Kyiv and a car for her daughter and an apartment in London for herself.

The Associates and the Justice

Schneider has given to Polikarp Brazhnikov, works manager, complete control over the glasswork. She couldn't throw up Intercom, as it would immediately provoke problems with Tamglass, Bavelloni, OTP-Bank and leasing companies. While Tatiana, even behind time, met her debt liabilities, all these institutions were silent. But in the middle of the past year Intercom stopped payments.

The leasing companies were the first to make a big deal about it. To date indebtedness to OTP-Bank makes up 650,000 US dollars and over 3 million UAH as punitive measure. Debt for the oven makes up EUR 382,000, and for the additional equipment - EUR 173,250.

"Swedbank", successor of "TAS-Kommerzbank", gained a suit at law: the associates-guarantors and Belaz-Ukraine LLC should pay to the bank 1 million UAH and penalty. Criminal proceedings were instituted against Duben, Andrey Vladimirovich, according to the fact of fraudulence. He was put on probation for two years and a half, and he was barred from work in trading business for 2 years. But he managed to be granted an amnesty. It costed him only 8 thousand dollars, that he gave to officers of the court and public prosecutor's.

Initially one criminal case was instituted against Schneider and Sokol, according to the fact of illegal sale of the oven. Tatiana was even arrested under the court decision.

Ms. Schneider even confronted Yoni Suomalaynen, and she almost brought the money-loving Finn to heart attack, when she declared that it was him who proposed her to sell somebody else's equipment.

But the Court of Appeal decided to discharge Schneider, Tatiana Ivanovna, from custody till hearing of the case. Certain source, close to the President of the Court, Mr. Vikhrov, informed, that temporary liberty costed Tatiana 50 thousand dollars.

Now she is charged against the second incident - sale of somebody else's additional equipment. Hearing of the case is not far away.

Polikarp Brazhnikov gave up his job at the glasswork.

Andrey Duben dashed off to Chile, after the ruinous earthquake, this country can't do without the aid of Andrey. According to rumors, he conned a banker out of EUR 300,000 and promised to pay back in a year.

And Sokol, Vladimir Grigorievich, is still wanted by the law-enforcement machinery! 

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