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What a bad luck accompanies the depositors of “Mykhailivskiy Bank” …. They are robbed both by the whites and the reds.

At first Kaufmann and Zinkov have come to bring the bank to knees with help of Rozhkova and to mooch (crossed out) to siphon off the active loan portfolio to the native, but sinking “Platinum”.


Thereafter the temporary administration of the Deposit Guarantee Fund has come to steal out all the rest.

The workers who have stayed in the bank write me that the valorous administration is checking all the commodity stocks and supplies for the existence of the inventory numbers. If the number is absent the commodity stocks and supplies are dismantled, pouched and go for sale.

Everything is taken away: the security cameras, the locks, the drawer units, extension poles…

“The administrative and maintenance issues expert” of the TA in “Mykhailivskiy Bank” named Onischenko Nikolay Ivanovich must drive Jaguar for a sound reason.





Alexander Dubinsky


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