During the informal conversations the workers of the Deposit Guarantee Fund try to persuade everybody that the seizure of the documents in “Khreschatyk” has been the order of the former owners of the bank.

Like, the Fund has found the documentary evidence of the schemes, due to those the bank has received less profits.

And the poison procurators have plunged into the bank to appropriate these documents and to destroy them under the color of the “seizure”.

Well, then – that’s a crap.

As you understand, the prosecution can withdraw the needed documents of both: the Fund itself and the police if wished (for example they have withdrawn the materials of the investigation against E. Rozhkova).

They say the real reason for the indignation of “Vorushyliners’” (the DGF workers) consists in another issue. The Fund is discontented with the competition with the procurators, who get the files of information in the consequence of the “seizure” that enables them to “milk” the management and the owners of “Khreschatyk”.

And the temporary administrator does think that it is entirely his own prerogative, for which the “right people” in the Fund have got a pretty penny. Even the commitments on payment have been undertaken in advance.

Yep, you are right. The temporary administration comes to the bank not nearly to save the money of the depositors.

They say the first question of the temporary administrator of “Khreschatyk Bank” has been “And what car fleet is here?” And the first decision has been the preparation for its disposal…

Also I’ll remind that “Khreschatyk” has been the only unofficially empowered bank for jewelry gold commerce. Its amounts are veryyyyy big in the storages.

And here the seizure happens, audit of reserves. No good!





Alexander Dubinsky


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